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This is the presentation site of the MRA, a Portuguese lawyers, with offices in Lisbon, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Fortaleza, Newark and Goa, especially dedicated to the provision of legal services to the Portuguese and Brazilians living abroad, support the internationalization of Portuguese and Brazilian companies and immigration to Portugal and Brazil.

Because Portugal is a starting point for all parts of the world, we give special attention to Portuguese emigrants, of all generations, spread throughout the Earth. And because Portugal is one of the countries with the best quality of life (safety, health, education, communications) and with very competitive prices in real estate, we offer services to foreigners who want to install in our country.

On this website you can find information on the profile of the firm, summaries of our preferred areas and paths to other pages that contain more detailed information. Because we are a team with guys, you can consult directly all lawyers and paralegals who work with us.

The videos, which illustrate many of the pages, or are produced by us or selected from what was published and deserve relevance. As regards the videos that are not our own, the linkage made in our site should be understood as a tribute to their authors.